Brands and Mythology: Symbolic Significance and Differentiation




The evolving landscape of consumerism, marked by an expansive array of products and services, has heightened the necessity for brands to establish distinctive identities in an increasingly competitive marketplace. In response, brands employ multifaceted strategies to stand out, seeking resonance with consumers' emotions and sensibilities. Among these strategies, the incorporation of mythological elements emerges as a potent avenue for differentiation and consumer engagement. This study aims to elucidate the intricate symbiosis between brands and mythology, unveiling how brands strategically harness mythological motifs to forge enduring connections with consumers. Through an exploration of this relationship, the study not only examines the nuanced dynamics at play but also presents illuminative examples of brands adeptly integrating mythological narratives and symbols within their identities, showcasing their effective utilization in contemporary brand differentiation strategies.



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Kayacan, İlhan. (2023). Brands and Mythology: Symbolic Significance and Differentiation. European Journal of Digital Economy Research, 4(2), 49-54.



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