Clustering the Military Powers of Countries Using Critic Based K-Means Algorithm



Events and developments in the first quarter of the 21st century show that the world will be dragged into a war environment in the near future. The shrinking living spaces of the great powers began to coincide. For this reason, a period has been entered where military power gains importance again. In a possible war, it is not possible for states that are not militarily strong to defend and protect their expatriated national interests. In this study, the list of countries' military powers organized by the Global Firepower site in 2019 was discussed. 21 criteria for 138 countries in the list were determined and the weight values of the criteria were calculated by the Critic method. Then, the required data set for clustering was obtained by multiplying the normalized criteria values with the weight values. By the K-Means algorithm, countries were divided into four clusters and clusters were evaluated.





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