The Effect Of Emotions on the Organizational Citizenship Behavior Dimensions: A Review


Affective science research has recently witnessed a growing interest in human emotions. It has been found that emotions have a significant impact on the work environment. Every individual seeks to achieve his/her goal in life, and many aims to obtain a job that achieves himself/herself through material and appreciation gained from this work, Appreciation and a sense of self-esteem at work are important for the emotions that accompanying it in the work environment. Many researchers have studied the importance of emotions in the work environment and their effects on many organizational concepts such as the organizational citizenship behavior, because it has a great relationship with emotions. Emotions are one of the essences that affect the behavior of the individual in his/her social and work life. Among the most important work environments in which emotions and organizational citizenship behavior converge, those in which the human element is an essential element for the functioning of the production process. Among these environments, the educational sector, especially higher education.   This study examines on the significance of emotions and their effect on organizational citizenship behavior.  

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